Kimberly and the Dreamtime : Rock intimiste, onirique, poétique

KIMBERLY AND THE DREAMTIME is the project of Montreal-based poet/singer-songwriter Kimberly Bourgeois.

Current line-up:  Kimberly Bourgeois (lead vocals and guitar), Nico Truchi (guitar), Robert Saulnier (bass), Claude Hurtubise (keys), and Raymond Newton (drums).

Kimberly's Heart Wave EP was released in Montreal on November 9, 2016, and features the following musicians:

Kimberly Bourgeois: all lead vocals, electric guitar 1, track 1;
Martin Saint: electric and acoustic guitars
Robert Saulnier: bass guitar
Raymond Newton: drums
Julie Abel keys, tracks 3 to 6
Carole Senécal: back vocals, tracks 3 & 5.

All music and lyrics by Kimberly Bourgeois. Recorded by sound engineer William Szawlowski at Planet Studios (Montreal, QC, Canada). Mixing, mastering, and additional recording by William Szawlowski at Ventura Digital Audio (Brossard, QC,Canada.) Album photography by Bruce Toombs (brucetoombs.ca). Graphic design by James Rooke. Producer: Kimberly Bourgeois. Co-producer: William Szawlowski

Track titles: 

1. Heart Wave
2. Rock Candy
3. Two Stars 
4. Baby Blues
5. Come Out and Play
6. Hotel

Kimberly & the Dreamtime's debut self-titled album was released on March 28, 2011 in Montreal, and features the following musicians:

Kimberly Bourgeois: lead vocals
Daniel Zanella: drums
Scott Diffee: electric guitars
Jerry Catanescu: bass
Daniel Loyer: grand piano and organ
Myles Hildebrand: mandolin
Norman Nawrocki: violin
Shoukry Aboulehaf: keyboards

All words/lyrics and music by Kimberly Bourgeois except:
Building a Tradition: Kimberly Bourgeois (lyrics) and Christian Pelletier (music)
Shoes: Kimberly Bourgeois (lyrics and music) and Scott Diffee (music)
The Centre of the World: Kimberly Bourgeois (words) and Shoukry Aboulehaf (music).

Producer: Kimberly Bourgeois
Co-producer: Dave A. Sturton (with Réjean Arsenault on Outside the Law)
Remix of Shoes by Dave A. Sturton

Track Titles:

1. Shoes
2. Outside the Law
3. Building a Tradition
4. Inside Looking Out
5. The Centre of the World
6. One Eye Open (The Love Eye)
7. Shoes (remix - by Dave. A. Sturton)
8. Release Party

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Artist Bio

Dive into KIMBERLY & THE DREAMTIME’s latest sound waves—a lush, liquid landscape of dreams and desires that leaves listeners tipsy on rhythm and rhyme. Montreal-based singer-songwriter Kimberly Bourgeois' second release, HEART WAVE, was launched in Montreal on November 9, 2016, and in Ottawa on November 19, 2016. 

Letting out a howl, HEART WAVE rises like a transformative tide while themes of 'holding on' topple exquisitely into those of 'moving on,' rocking the boat in all the right ways. 

On these latest recordings, Kimberly had the pleasure of collaborating with engineer and producer Bill Szawlowski, whose career has spanned several decades, and earned him more than 30 gold, platinum, and double-platinum records. Over the years, Szawlowski has worked with many heavy hitters such as Oliver Jones, Ranee Lee, Suzie Arioli, and April Wine.

Pulsating with emotional power, HEART WAVE features six songs with carefully crafted lyrics, denoting Kimberly's love of literature and parallel career as a literary critic. Having published in the Montreal Review of Books, The Globe and Mail, Quill & Quire, and University Affairs Magazine, the artist approaches songwriting with the same kind of depth and expertise she devotes to book reviews and features. 

A circle of seasoned musicians contributed to the sound on Kimberly & the Dreamtime’s self-titled debut album, which was launched in March 2011. Noteworthy for its modern, yet timeless appeal, it features an enticing variety of pieces, ranging from spoken-word, to rock ballads and electronica.

Joined by her stellar Dreamtime band, Kimberly comes alive onstage, enveloping crowds with her unique brand of reverie rock.

Kimberly & the Dreamtime's current line-up:  Kimberly Bourgeois (lead vocals and guitar), Nico Truchi (guitar), Robert Saulnier (bass), Claude Hurtubise (keys), and Raymond Newton (drums).

Spirited, inspired, intimate fire… Kimberly and the Dreamtime is poetry you can dance to.